Teaming Partners


Commonwealth Learning Partnership

The Commonwealth Learning Partnership is a network of education nonprofit organizations and schools of education across Virginia that share a collective goal to modernize the Commonwealth’s K-12 education system through Equity, Engagement and Empowerment. We support efforts to ensure Virginia students graduate with a rich knowledge base and skills to succeed in the future. We aim to take the Profile of a Virginia Graduate from vision to practice by investing in the continuing professional learning and upskilling of educators and education leaders. We maintain close communication with all partners and work with policymakers, educators and community members to ensure Virginia students graduate with a rich knowledge base and skills for the future. 

Shaffer Evaluation Group, LLC

Founded in 2006, the Shaffer Evaluation Group works with education partners — school districts, colleges and universities, government agencies, and nonprofits — to develop educational programs that address and correct long-standing inequities in education so that all children and youth can excel.


Upbeat partners with innovative school divisions across the nation, utilizing anonymous electronic data collection to improve school culture and increase teacher retention. Gaston Educational Consulting, LLC serves as a Leadership Coach with Upbeat, working with school district principals, assistant principals, district leaders to review and analyze their data. Based on the results, coaching and mentoring opportunities are then provided to each leader as they work to improve culture and retention and strengthen successful and existing programming and approaches in these areas.